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Community of Jasper

Nestled in the Athabasca Valley, the Town of Jasper is a community of just under 5,000 people that swells to about 20,000 with visitors in the summertime. The community plays an important role in the delivery of Parks Canada’s mandate by providing a welcoming staging area for visitors; concentrating most services and facilities in one area of the park; preserving Jasper’s distinctive cultural heritage; and helping visitors learn about the park’s unique natural and cultural heritage.

Parks Canada works closely with the Municipality of Jasper, which delivers most of the services in the townsite and the surrounding rural service area. Parks Canada is responsible for land use planning, development review and environmental matters.

Community issues are addressed in the Jasper Community Sustainability Plan, approved in 2011. Key community issues include chronic housing pressures, inadequacy of industrial services space, and challenges arising from zoning and the commercial growth cap. The new park management plan will provide strategic direction on the community’s role in the park.

The comment period is now closed. Parks Canada is reviewing the feedback received.